Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Day Three-RNC

September 1
Day Three RNC

Heil to the Chief

"Democrat" Zell Miller
Hates Democrats

Zell Miller, with the help of Chris Wallace, wound up looking like a nasty little hypocrite last Sunday on FOX News Sunday. He expressed nothing but regret for the way he believes the Democratic party has progressed and blames them, 100%, for not supporting George Bush's radically right-skewed misleadership these past four years.

Many talk about what they call "Bush-hating". At the RNC podium tonight, Zell Miller will be representing the ultimate in hatred--the hatred of his own party.

English poet/critic Samuel Johnson said that "No man is a hypocrite in his pleasures". Zell Miller, if not a hypocrite, is taking pleasure in supporting the worst president in our nation's history at the expense of the members of the party to which he claims to belong.

The ultimate political betrayal.

Political writer Michael Crowley recently referred to Miller as "a cartoonish GOP partisan" and I think he's right on the money.

Zell Miller's betrayal of the Democratic party cannot be anything but a personal vendetta. I believe he's let his pride and ego become far more important than the party to which he says he belongs. He obviously detests anyone or anything remotely connected with the word "liberal".
He's feeling slighted...alone.
He is alone, for all intents and purposes.
He will be alone at the podium of the RNC tonight.

New Southern Democrats have come to take their place in a South that has progressed while Zell was still living in the South where, if you didn't want a black fellow hanging out in your establishment, you'd take a baseball bat and whack him about the head.

I find him to be a disgusting political creature.
True to nothing, easily discarded.

I'm sorry, Mr. Miller, it's time.
Time for you to get out of the way and let the new South breathe.

Get the hell out of our party if you hate it.

"No, he's the queer-hater."

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