Monday, August 30, 2004

August 30- RNC Convention

August 30-
Day One RNC

Bush says war on terror not winnable

President Bush says the war on terror isn't the kind you can win.
Trust him-- it's not.
Not under his leadership.

He cannot imagine a day when we will know it's over.
It never will be.
Not under his leadership.

He tells his fans (only fans are allowed in to the rallies) that we're all safer and that terrorists hate us for what we have.
He never mentions they hate us for what we've done.

The way to win the war on terror is through the hearts and minds of those we wish to assist on their march toward freedom.
Our wrong-minded foreign policy has created the best farming system for new terrorists there ever could have been.

The West is losing the war on terror. The unimaginative and unnecessary charade Bush led us to in Iraq has caused more instability than it has prevented. The most popular anti-American leader in the world today remains at large. Whether we shrink away at the thought or not, Bin Laden is as much of a political genius as Karl Rove. He can make people act as sheep, swallowing his propaganda and using Bush's ignorant "bring 'em on" attitude to inflame his would-be-followers. Bush's failures have emboldened this shadowy genius of a leader.

I am clearly and thoroughly dismayed by this thought, yet I believe it is true. Bush adamantly refuses to change course in Iraq and adjust/correct America's policies abroad. Muslim nations in that part of the world who were once moderate now lean toward the jihadists. We are not safer for having had this leader at this time in our nation's sordid, frightening, and sorrowful history.

Bush is finally on to something.
With him at the wheel, we're not going to be winning much of anything.

Unless he flip-flops, of course.

There's always hope he has a touch of the flip-flopper in him.

He's proven that inflexibility kills.

Bush Administration: Unworthy Heirs to Republican Party
Capital Times Editorial: GOP veers from its founding principles

When delegates to the Republican National Convention meet in New York City this week, they will pass a platform that is radically out of sync with the principles upon which the party was founded, and they will nominate a presidential and vice presidential ticket made up of two men who once would have been booed off the convention stage of a gathering of the Grand Old Party.

GOP Focusing on Going Negative on Opponent

It's no surprise the RNC speakers are going gonzo-negative on Kerry. They have nothing to boast about.

Wilson Praises Troops' Courage in Face of Iraq Insecurity

At the RNC, Heather Wilson asked this question regarding our troops:
Where does the courage come from? Where do we find men and women like this? We find them in Carlsbad, New Mexico and Cleveland, Ohio. We find them in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Tampa, Florida, and Houston, Texas.

She forgot to add where and how those men and women are too often "found". The vision of Marine recruiters scouring the poorest parts of Flint, Michigan for places where a lone unfortunate-looking fellow--or two at most--might be found. This was a scene from the film 'Fahrenheit 9/11'.
Too often, an escape from impoverishment leads to the courage a man or woman never realized he or she could have possessed in the face of war.

Wherever it comes from, courage belongs to the individual who displays it.

The honor, indeed, belongs to them.

This is not to demean service to our nation. This is to remind you of the reality--most of the men and women fighting for us in Iraq are not children of privilege.

The fact that Bush has used our troops unwisely does not mean the troops' courage carries over to him.

Does Bernard Kerik ever smile?

Just wondering.

Rudy Covers the Lies

I'd like to tell Rudy it was quite effective for Dubya Bush to have said the terrorists would 'hear from us' as he stood in the rubble of the World Trade Center with Bob the fire chief. That was a memorable moment.

Iraq had nothing to do with the bunch that took down the towers, though.
Rudy tends to forget that Saddam was on Dubya's hit list long before 9/11.

Bush exploited 9/11 and its victims for the purpose of taking out Saddam Hussein.

The Iraq war was never necessary.

We were misled to war and fellows like Rudy are willing to let the lies go as if they are meaningless.

We were misled by the Commander in Chief.
We can't trust him--not even as far as we can throw him.
We were misled toward a war of disastrous results to date.
Countless thousands have died, including nearly 1000 of our troops.
Jesus, couldn't we have found a decent way?
I know we could have. With many allies. With a decent leader.
We didn't have one.

No speech, regardless of how wonderful, will cover that big boy of a lie.

That elephant in the corner is too big to fit in Madison Square Garden.

Rudy was awfully good at calling all presidents before Dubya "appeasers", including Reagan and Bush 41. What he forgets is that no president before Dubya allowed something of this magnitude and complexity to happen on his watch.

Here's what is the saddest---all Dubya HAS to run on is 9/11.
How macabre and perverted.
He didn't do much of anything to protect us from it, but he's running on it.
Exploitation reigns in NYC this week.

Rudy belittled John Kerry...looking like a schmuck, I'm sure to the majority of voters who already support Kerry. He was the white Al Sharpton (but I'll bet the media will treat Rudy like a darling whereas they treated Al Sharpton like a dolt).

Bush is no Roosevelt, no Reagan, no Churchill.
He's a dull fool who's been given a job that's way over his head.

I want a President who's smarter and yes, perhaps even more ethical than I am. (And I'm quite intelligent and ethical).

Rudy might, but I surely do not thank God that George Bush is our president and I do not thank God that the devious and unethical Dick Cheney is my vice president.

I'm scared when Rudy says Bush has a vision for the next four years.
I shudder.
I've seen how he acts upon his delusions.
It kills people rather indiscriminately.

New attacks on Kerry from well-known creep

From the Kerry campaign:

A new round of attacks on John Kerry comes from a familiar name -- Ted Sampley -- who has a long history of irrational public attacks against both John McCain and John Kerry. In 1992 Sampley created a fake photo of John Kerry shooting an American MIA. He has been jailed for starting a fight with John McCain's staff, and has called McCain the Manchurian Candidate, accusing him of being "brainwashed by the Vietnamese" and being a "KGB spy."

Ted Sampley is now the head of "Vietnam Veterans Against Kerry" and a supporter of "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth." He has been telling lies about John Kerry, and today he launched an extraordinarily false ad smearing John Kerry's military service.

To view this ad click here:

Ted Sampley's group is also still attacking Senator McCain. To view this page click here:

What can you do?
Please take a minute and call the Bush campaign at the Republican Convention tonight. Ask George Bush to specifically condemn this ugly smear.

Call now:
(212) 356-2300 or (212) 356-2004

A topic missing from
RNC speeches

I wouldn't talk about it if I were them, either.

Leon Goes to Gomorrah

"I left God's country. They could use a bunch of people from Iowa to come here to show New Yorkers what life is all about, what being patriotic is all about, and what country is all about. I'm as confident about Bush being re-elected as I am that eggs are going to be in New York tomorrow morning."
--RNC delegate Leon Mosley of Waterloo, Iowa, co-chairman of his state party

Avert your eyes from the protesters on the street when you reach for the salt to put on those eggs this morning, Leon.
You might become one with the salt.

Bush 41 Hypocrisy
George H.W. Bush told Paula Zahn in an interview that he's "given up" on the N.Y. Times because they're nothing bit a liberal newspaper.

This is the ultimate in hypoocrisy.

Just yesterday, I reported to you that George H.W. Bush used a quote from a N.Y. Times column in his speech to veterans on the USS Intrepid.

He obviously hasn't given up. He takes from the N.Y. Times what he needs to denounce our political speech and trashes the rest.

The GOP doesn't reflect America
by Michael Moore

John McCain pulled out a red meat trick in his speech last night by attacking an American artist. (Heavens, the GOP must be desperate to cover the expository damage Moore did to them). He liked the crowd's response so much that he said the same thing twice. In doing so, the "sheen" so many people see on him began to melt down. Underneath the bipartisan hero-glow, I saw the guy who wanted to see boots on the ground in Kosovo circa 1999 (thank God for Wes Clark for his wisdom)...I saw the guy who wants to make our political speech illegal by eliminating 527s....I saw McCain on ABC with Peter Jennings saying he thought a fellow veteran, John Kerry, was mistaken to use his record in Vietnam as part of his campiagn (when all we hear about were McCain's own POW days--which I do consider honorable service to our nation).

McCain proved one thing to me last night.
He's quite a bit of a hypocrite.
I expected more from him.
He lost me as a believer in his political honesty.

I couldn't agree more with Moore.
The GOP doesn't reflect America.

They're not even close.

Bush's AWOL Scandal
Let's Break Through the Media Barrier
Bernard Weiner
Co-Editor, The Crisis Papers
August 9, 2004

Will you join Paul Lukasiak, Joseph Nobels and others of us publicizing this AWOL issue for the internet and small liberal magazines to help take our country back from the extremist, incompetent, greedy Bush&Co. group? This is the Administration that is endangering our national interests and helping create more terrorists rather than fewer, spending us into huge deficits and thus robbing our social programs and states and counties (and our children!) of much-needed funds, shredding our Constitutional guarantees and civil liberties, creating a Big Brother-style government, ruining our environment and air and water, and on and on.

Rather than only donating money and hoping and waiting for political candidates and activist groups to do it, let's start the ball rolling ourselves, in our own small ways adding to the momentum that will help restore our government to a more sane, middle course where we all will benefit.

We can do it.


At 10:01 AM, Blogger anonyMoses said...

Great coverage, Jude! have been busy!!

I tell you what is the saddest thing. And it is that machine whereby poor minorities, whom those in the gated white communities fear and loathe, are sent off to their tragic and horrific deaths in order that investors of Halliburton et. al. may show an increase.

The work of the devil if you ask me...

I'm glad yuo posted that picture, because it summarizes the hypocricy and uneven sacrifice.


At 6:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jude - Your running commentary today has already made this week a lot more interesting than I thought it would be for me... informative, educational and, on top of that, the muse in me is still playing around with whether Bernard Kerick ever smiles!

- Patty Ann


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