Monday, August 23, 2004

Bush abandons the Republican Party

Former Bush voters are now abandoning Bush, saying he has abandoned them

"It isn’t pollsters talking through actors. It isn’t longtime Democrats talking to themselves. It isn’t longtime Democrats hectoring Republicans. It’s thoughtful Republicans—many of whom have decided to remain Republican—saying it’s not us who are abandoning Bush; he’s abandoned us, abandoned the Republican Party we’ve supported all these years."
[Excerpted from New Yorker]

Filmmaker, Errol Morris, of "Fog of War" fame, has also created some wonderful ads, among them, the famous "Switch" ads for Apple. And now he has taken switching to a new level, and is serving it up as a How-to for those who would just as well stay home on election day...Bush has been that much of a blessing to them and their families. Meaning he hasn't done squat.

By talking to real live Republicans, Morris has pinpointed a problem we have all long suspected, and that is that Bush and his close circle are basically in it for themselves, and in their hurry to acquire more for themselves, they have left their flock in the dry, with only a few cheeseparings with which to pick their teeth, and ward off the nervous energy mounting with each minute they realize what a foolish waste their vote was in 2000.


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