Friday, August 27, 2004

Credentialed RNC Bloggers

Credentialed RNC Bloggers

RNC Bloggers

Here is list of credentialed bloggers for the Republican National Convention:

Kevin Aylward, WizBang
Dean Esmay, Dean's World
Blogs For Bush
Matt Margolis of Blogs For Bush
Captain Ed, Captain's Quarters and Blogs For Bush
Scott Sala, Slant Point
John H. Hinderaker, Power Line
Karol, Dean's World and Spot On,
Bill, INDC Journal (was a disinvited blogger from DNCC)
Tom Bevan, RealClear Politics
Ben Domenech, Red State
Roger L. Simon
Brian Reich, Campaign Web Review
David Adesnik from OxBlog
Hugh Hewitt

Unofficially blogging:

Travis LaFrance

RNC bloggers more privileged than delegates?

The Bloggers' Invitation (difficult to read)

GOP Convention Media Walk-Through blog


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