Tuesday, July 27, 2004

TV Networks & Anchors Fail America

Did Brokaw, Jennings and Rather watch the Convention during Primetime?
If so...why can't we? If not, why not? 

     I don't know about Cable. I yanked it from my TV set after their pathetic performance during the Selection of 2000. I could not trust Cable.
     But I do know about ABC, NBC, CBS and PBS, and of these, PBS is the only reason I don't simply throw the TV out the window. But even they had pundits who talked over valuable films and speakers.
     Liberal Media MY ASS!

     My questions to Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings and Dan Rather are these: 

1. Did you watch the Convention during the four hours of "prime time"?
2. If so, why is it that you can see it, and we can't? Are you more important than Carter, Gore, and the American People?
3. If not, why not? Do you not deem it important enough? Are you afraid you will be moved, and thus risk your Republican shillability?   
4. Are you receiving memos, like the lemmings of FOX News? Or are you the ones putting out the memos?
5. Are the memos by people who are more important than President Carter? If so, please tell us who these megabosses are?  They may pay you money, but we pay you eyeballs and ears...and sadly, minds and hearts as well.   And you wouldn't be where you are without our eyes and ears; our hearts and minds...

     Show us as much as you can. Try hard. Lord knows you make enough! And Lord knows many of you have performed great acts of bravery and courage. Use that courage now!
     Don't prostitute yourselves to your paycheck. Go above and beyond!

Why The Republicans want to reduce the coverage
They can't fill up the time. They haven't people or ideas.

     So why is it that pharmaceutical ads wind up on the screen instead of Jimmy Carter or Al Gore?  Well, for one, they pay to disrupt the coverage. For another, the GOP realizes that the less the people hear and know, the better off they are. 
     I'd go one step further and say...if they have to know more, make sure it is confusing, distractive, or divisive.

Clinton: "THEY NEED a divided America...WE DON'T" 
President Clinton warns about GOP, Big Media

       In what has been called the best speech of all time, Bill Clinton spelled out the differences between Kerry and Bush, the Democrats and the Republicans. He summed it up by warning, "They need a divided America...WE don't."       
      As it turns out, the same can be said for the Big Media...who are proving to be, like FOX, just another arm of the Republican Party. 
"You look like George W. reading Children's books while the towers, and America, tumble down."

     What we are witnessing needs to be documented as Exhibit A, when the perpetrators are finely brought to trial.  We see a foreshadowing in "Outfoxed" of how to get the dominant Media to either play it straight, or be upfront with their bias...even if it is simply telling the audience, like Bill Clinton did, that they are in the top 1%.
     And after doing that, how 'bout do some reading, from the classics, on Mammon, sins of omission and hubris. You may ask yourselves why you are being so lazy, here at the most important time of our lives? 
    You look like George W. reading Children's books while the towers, and America, tumble down. 

    As a blogger, with a conscience, I am glad I am not you.

- HyperLincoln - July 27, 2004

What bloggers are saying about the Media coverage:
Lost Remote...
DNC Day Two: The news is out thereThe always-easily-bored media decided on Tuesday that there is no news coming out of the convention. In fact, so many journos agree on this that it's the conventional convention wisdom. This is both an incredibly obvious observation -- and completely wrong. There is an entire party worth of politicians discussing the platform by which they intend to unseat the sitting president during (a sort-of) war. Not news? Not even a little?...

Nate Knows Nada...

Conventional media says something good about blogs. Most of the traditional media coverage that we've been getting has either been explanatory (what is a blog?  What are these people doing here?) or dismissive (They're not real journalists, They aren't objective, Don't pay too much attention to them).  (Hey, at least that's what we've been getting up in the "Blogger Boulevard."So it's a surprise to see this, from the Hollywood Reporter:

CNN political analyst Jeff Greenfield doesn't buy the arguments against blogs. He doesn't think Internet-based media has any corner on bad journalism."You can be just as sloppy or bad or downright false in established media as you can with the bloggers," he said. "With the bloggers, you have this added advantage that everybody's watching everybody else, so that if one blogger on the left makes a series of assertions, Instapundit will weigh in and say, 'That guy is so off base, and here's why.' I think they've added a lot to the whole political process."


Note to Tom Brokaw: Why I get my hard news from Jon Stewart

     As for why young people think that The Daily Show is a good source of real news, ask yourself this: When the vice-president of the United States is caught, on TV, publicly lying about leading this country into a war where almost 1000 of our young people have needlessly died, and then later states, again on TV, that he never said what he said, why is it that the only "news" show to play the side by side tapes of him lying, and then denying what he said, is The Daily Show? Why wasn't that headline news on every news show? " Vice President denies saying what we have him on tape saying, soldiers dying every day because of it." That's news, but I have to watch Comedy Central to see it. What's wrong with this picture, Mr. Brokaw?

     You know, Mr. Brokaw, you guys aren't kids any more. What are you afraid of? You've made your fortunes. Even if you got fired today, you'll never be out on the street starving. How about finding your courage, and speaking some cold, hard facts: This country was lied into war. The vice president is a war profiteer who is being investigated for taking bribes and doing illegal business with sanctioned countries. Try it. Walter Cronkite could give some advice on this. Bill Moyers is out there trying to do it, I bet he'd like some company. Try grabbing yourself by your manly parts and standing up for the truth.
I bet you'd find an audience then. Hell, I'd watch every day.


At 3:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is frightening but true what you have written. How can enough information ever get to the American people when we, the people, are being sabotaged. The stark reality is that we need help ~ we can't do it alone. And, your good work is helping to achieve that and may God bless us all!

At 11:57 PM, Blogger anonyMoses said...

Most kind! We are seeing the foreshadowing of another season of Chaos & Confusion, not to mention distortion, lies, egregious omissions, blackouts and spin that characterized the 2000 Selection.

They need to hear from us, in great number...and realize the power they still have to change it for the better.

Thanks again,


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