Monday, July 26, 2004

July 27 Convention News

July 27
Convention News

WP: Dems Show Unity Against Bush


Ted Kennedy--FULL TEXT (NYT)

Howard Dean delivers emotional speech to 500 supporters (*Earlier speech-not the primetime speech)- Dean claims Kerry won't win the election despite his wife, but that Kerry is going to win the election because of his 'fantastic' wife. One line in the article quoted from Will Marshall, president of the centrist Progressive Policy Institute, made me scratch my head, because common sense tells me people usually "go" with what makes them feel good: "There was almost a collective decision in the Democratic mind to say, ‘OK, this guy (Kerry) will do'...Kerry was the beneficiary of a kind of sober decision by tens of thousands of Democratic activists that the most important imperative was to beat George Bush, not to indulge in votes that made you feel good..."

At MEDIA MATTERS, read how FOX News' Bill O'Reilly lied about Howard Dean's Iraq position.

WP: Howard Kurtz on FOX's Convention. Kurtz also provides a footnote from the bloggers at BOP.

Check out this Byron York article, "RFK Jr. Uses the F-Word", at the National Review. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. allegedly told an audience in Cambridge, Mass. Monday that President Bush has brought fascism to America. There's a rant about Al Franken and Joe Conason in the same piece.

Can you imagine conservative columnists saying that Kerry may win because voters need a breather? Josh Marshall is seeing it happen in places like this one.

At Daily Kos:
- DNC: Keep it Bland
- Open thread on Convention Speeches

A FIRST: Jeralyn has a photo of Atrios at her site.

Amy Sullivan and Kevin Drum have some interesting blogging about the Convention at Washington Monthly.

Don't miss Tom Tomorrow's coverage of the Convention.

Jesse Taylor calls CNN's John King on one of his 'breaks' with reality (regarding the hall's response to Al Gore's speech last night).

According to Holden at Eschaton, actor Richard Dreyfuss got a standing ovation when he spoke about Dick Cheney as the "enemy of thoughtfulness" and urged the California delegates (at a breakfast in Boston) to "counter the Republicans" upon every attack and to "be consistent and in their face".

Today's Speakers

Tuesday, July 27
A Lifetime of Strength & Service

Tom Daschle, U.S. Senator from South Dakota, Democratic Leader
Howard Dean, Former Governor of Vermont, 2004 Presidential Candidate
Richard Durbin, U.S. Senator from Illinois
James Forbes, Senior Minister at Riverside Church, New York City
Richard Gephardt, U.S. Representative from Missouri, 2004 Presidential Candidate
Chris Heinz, Stepson of John Kerry
Teresa Heinz Kerry, Wife of John Kerry
Mike Honda, U.S. Representative from California
Ted Kennedy, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts
Jim Langevin, U.S. Representative from Rhode Island
Carol Moseley-Braun, Former U.S. Senator from Illinois, 2004 Presidential Candidate
Janet Napolitano, Governor of Arizona
Barack Obama, State Senator from Illinois, U.S. Senate Candidate
Ron Reagan, Son of former President Ronald Reagan
Christie Vilsack, First Lady of Iowa
Ilana Wexler, 13-Year-Old Founder of Kids for Kerry


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