Saturday, September 18, 2004

Green is better than Red


Because green
Is better than red.
But it will take blue
To get us there.

Kerry/Edwards ‘04

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Zell-Out: White Trasher Hyperbole Dispelled

Heil to the Chief

Zell-Out: White Trasher Hyperbole Dispelled

Zell doesn't let the facts get in his way when
he wantonly trashes his fellow Veteran, Party Member, and Senator.

Indulge Us A Moment of Factual Truth Before You Decide.


While U.S. Senator Zell Miller has signaled his support for George Bush, the facts are Miller and Kerry have the exact same record when it comes to defending the nation and Miller even called Kerry an "Authentic American Hero" who has "Worked to Strengthen Our Military."

"I've been going to Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinners in Georgia since the 1950s, so I've seen a lot of speeches," says Sen. Zell Miller (D-Ga.), easily the Senate Democrat most supportive of the Bush agenda. "Kerry's was by far the best speech I have ever heard given at a function like that. He talked about citizen-soldiers and he talked about the flag raisers at Iwo Jima. It was a very good, touching speech." (Salon, Aug. 10, 2001)

FACT: Zell Miller Lauded John Kerry as an Authentic American Hero

"My job tonight is an easy one: to present to you one of this nation's authentic heroes, one of this party's best-known and greatest leaders -- and a good friend. He was once a lieutenant governor - but he didn't stay in that office 16 years, like someone else I know. It just took two years before the people of Massachusetts moved him into the United States Senate in 1984." -- U.S. Senator Zell Miller (Remarks to the Democratic Party of Georgia Jefferson Jackson Dinner 2001)

ZELL'S TRASH: "This is the man who wants to be the Commander in Chief of our U.S. Armed Forces? U.S. forces armed with what? Spitballs?"

KERRY REALITY: Zell Miller Said John Kerry Worked to Strengthen Our Military; Fought for Balanced Budgets

"In his 16 years in the Senate, John Kerry has fought against government waste and worked hard to bring some accountability to Washington. Early in his Senate career in 1986, John signed on to the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Deficit Reduction Bill, and he fought for balanced budgets before it was considered politically correct for Democrats to do so. John has worked to strengthen our military, reform public education, boost the economy and protect the environment." -- U.S. Senator Zell Miller (Remarks to the Democratic Party of Georgia Jefferson Jackson Dinner 2001)

KERRY REALITY: John Kerry & Zell Miller Have Supported the EXACT Same Amount of Intelligence Funding

Kerry & Miller Have Supported the Exact Same Intelligence Funding in the Senate -- Since joining the Senate in 2000, Zell Miller and John Kerry have supported the exact same funding levels for America's Intelligence agencies. John Kerry served on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence for 6 years and is the former Vice Chairman of the Committee. Kerry joined the Committee in early 1993 and served until early 2001. Zell Miller has not served on the Intelligence Committee, Armed Services Committee or the Foreign Relations Committee in his four years in the Senate.

FY04 Intel Authorization (2003, Unanimous Senate Voice Vote 11/21/03) FY03 Intel Authorization (2002, Unanimous Senate Voice Vote 09/25/02) FY02 Intel Authorization (2001, Unanimous Senate Voice Vote 12/13/01) FY01 Intel Authorization (2000, Unanimous Senate Voice Vote 12/06/00)

KERRY REALITY: John Kerry & Zell Miller Have Both Supported Increases in Defense Funding -- including the Largest since the 1980's

John Kerry & Zell Miller are Both Strong Supporters of America's Military & Voted for the "Largest Increase in Defense Spending Since the Early 1980's" -- John Kerry and Zell Miller are strong supporters of the U.S. Armed Services and has consistently worked to ensure the military has the best equipment and training possible. In 2002, John Kerry & Zell Miller voted for a large increase in the defense budget. This increase provided more than $355 billion for the Defense Department for 2003, an increase of $21 billion over 2002. This measure includes $71.5 billion for procurement programs such as $4 billion for the Air Force's F-22 fighter jets, $3.5 billion for the Joint Strike Fighter and $279.3 million for an E-8C Joint Stars (JSTARS) aircraft. Kerry's vote also funded a 4.1 percent pay increase for military personnel, $160 million for the B-1 Bomber Defense System Upgrade, $1.5 billion for a new attack submarine, more than $630 million for Army and Navy variants of the Blackhawk helicopter, $3.2 billion for additional C-17 transports, $900 million for R&D of the Comanche helicopter and more than $800 million for Trident Submarine conversion. The current chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, John Warner (R-Va.) stated:

"The defense spending increase for FY03 is the largest increase in defense spending since the early 1980's-reflecting the importance of defending the homeland and winning the global war against terrorism. The funding included in this bill will help to ensure that our military has the tools it needs to defend our nation." (2002, Senate Roll Call Vote No. 239; Websites of U.S. Senators Warner, Daschle, Dodd accessed 7/25/03)


ZELL'S TRASH: "Senator Kerry has made it clear that he would use military force only if approved by the United Nations."

KERRY REALITY: "When the president says we have the same position on Iraq, I have to respectfully disagree. Our differences couldn’t be plainer. And I have set them out consistently. When it comes to Iraq, it’s not that I would have done one thing differently, I would’ve done almost everything differently. I would’ve given the inspectors the time they needed to do the job. I would have built a strong, broad coalition of our allies around the world.
And, if there’s one thing I learned from my service, I would never have gone to war without a plan to win the peace."
John Kerry--Sept 1, 2004


ZELL'S TRASH: "Twenty years of votes can tell you much more about a man than twenty weeks of campaign rhetoric."

KERRY (AND EVERYONE'S) REALITY: I think it's only fair to look back at the speaker Zell Miller and use his standard of judgement. This is the same Zell Miller who said 40 years ago that President Lyndon Johnson had sold his soul when he signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


ZELL'S TRASH: "Never in the history of the world has any soldier sacrificed more for the freedom and liberty of total strangers than the American soldier. And, our soldiers don't just give freedom abroad, they preserve it for us here at home.
For it has been said so truthfully that it is the soldier, not the reporter, who has given us the freedom of the press. It is the soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech."

KERRY (AND THE SOLDIER'S) REALITY: Soldiers in Iraq have been gagged from the freedom for which they fight, risk all, and die.

Example One: CB's My War Blog *have a good time reading nothing

Example Two: Live From Iraq *have a good time reading nothing.

These are the men and women whose voices tell us the bitter truth.
They are silenced.


ZELL'S TRASH: No one should dare to even think about being the Commander in Chief of this country if he doesn't believe with all his heart that our soldiers are liberators abroad and defenders of freedom at home.

KERRY REALITY: "I want to be clear: As president, I will always remember that America’s security begins and ends with the soldier, sailor, airman, Marine and Coastguardsmen -- with every man and every woman in our armed services who has ever stood guard at the gates of freedom. Today, I salute each and every one of you for your commitment, strength and extraordinary courage." Kerry in speech to American Legion 9-1-04

ZELL TRASH: "I want BUSH to decide!"

ALL OF OUR REALITY: The decisiveness of seven long minutes and "My Pet Goat".


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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Day Three-RNC

September 1
Day Three RNC

Heil to the Chief

"Democrat" Zell Miller
Hates Democrats

Zell Miller, with the help of Chris Wallace, wound up looking like a nasty little hypocrite last Sunday on FOX News Sunday. He expressed nothing but regret for the way he believes the Democratic party has progressed and blames them, 100%, for not supporting George Bush's radically right-skewed misleadership these past four years.

Many talk about what they call "Bush-hating". At the RNC podium tonight, Zell Miller will be representing the ultimate in hatred--the hatred of his own party.

English poet/critic Samuel Johnson said that "No man is a hypocrite in his pleasures". Zell Miller, if not a hypocrite, is taking pleasure in supporting the worst president in our nation's history at the expense of the members of the party to which he claims to belong.

The ultimate political betrayal.

Political writer Michael Crowley recently referred to Miller as "a cartoonish GOP partisan" and I think he's right on the money.

Zell Miller's betrayal of the Democratic party cannot be anything but a personal vendetta. I believe he's let his pride and ego become far more important than the party to which he says he belongs. He obviously detests anyone or anything remotely connected with the word "liberal".
He's feeling slighted...alone.
He is alone, for all intents and purposes.
He will be alone at the podium of the RNC tonight.

New Southern Democrats have come to take their place in a South that has progressed while Zell was still living in the South where, if you didn't want a black fellow hanging out in your establishment, you'd take a baseball bat and whack him about the head.

I find him to be a disgusting political creature.
True to nothing, easily discarded.

I'm sorry, Mr. Miller, it's time.
Time for you to get out of the way and let the new South breathe.

Get the hell out of our party if you hate it.

"No, he's the queer-hater."

*Feel free to submit your own captions in the comments section below.

August 31--Day Two RNC

August 31--
Day Two RNC

Hellooo, RNC? Remember me?

"9/11" has been invoked hundreds of times at RNC.
The name of the fugitive who orchestrated the murder has been shunned like an Amish whore.

We Are Back

We are?

Uh...back where?

Some are back and their mothers wonder why the hell they ever went.

Laura Bush Speech


"We need to remind them [our children] that most people in the world are good."

Dear Laura,
We could have started by winning hearts and minds instead of bombing and shooting and killing people and destroying their towns and villages. We could have led the world to follow us in spreading good will and providing security while working cooperatively and systematically to rid the world of Saddam Hussein. He could have easily been marginalized. But we didn't do that. We rushed into a mess-- virtually alone. Your husband couldn't and wouldn't compromise with the world-at-large and every world leader knows it. Fellows like Arnold Schwarzenegger jokingly try to prove that that's what being "a real man" is all about...'no compromise'. In reality, it's been a recipe for disaster for the current generation and generations to follow.

No American President ever wants to go to war. Abraham Lincoln didn't want to go to
war, but he knew saving the union required it. husband didn't want to go to
war, but he knew the safety and security of America and the world depended on it.

Sorry, Laura. I don't buy it.
Not for a split second.
Our nation is bitterly divided about the war on Iraq.
The union would have been more united had Bush not barreled, misinformed, and misled his way toward an unnecessary war in Iraq.
The world is not safer today with Saddam Hussein gone.
He wasn't a fundamentalist.
He wasn't an imminent threat.
He was a tin-pot nothing.
Terrorists are growing like weeds and we are losing the war on terror because of your husband's unwise and poorly planned diversion from the real war on those responsible for 9/11.

Glory Hallelujah.
Your husband, Laura Bush, is no Lincoln.

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